We Believe:

In the divine inspiration of the Holy Bible. 11Tim.3:16-17; 1Pet.1:20,21
In the trinity of the Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Matt.28:19; Matt.3:16-17; Deut.6:4; 1Cor.8:6; Mk.12:28-30
In the total depravity of the human race. Rom.5:12; Gen.6:5-7; Rom.1:28-32; Ps.51:5
In the plan of redemption through the blood of Christ. Jn.3:16; Lev.17:11
In repentance and restitution. Acts 3:19; Ezek.18:21; Lk.19:8-9; Matt.21:28-32; Lk.15:11-32; Is.55:7
In justification and new birth. Jn.3:3; Rom.3:23-24
In entire sanctification. Heb.10:10
In water baptism as a testimony to salvation. Matt.28:19; Heb.8:26-38; Matt.3:16; Acts 2:41; Rom.6:3-14
In the Lord’s supper. Matt.26:26-29; 1Cor.11:23-32; Ex.12:27-51; Lk.22:19
In baptism of the Holy Spirit. John 7:32-39; Acts 2:2-13; Eph.5:18; Rom.15-16; Acts 10:46,49; Acts 19:1-6; Acts 2:39
In the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. Rom.12:6-8; 1Cor.12:1-12; Eph.4:7-8,11,13-16; 1Peter 4:9-11; Gal.5:22-24
In New Testament standard of gifts, offerings and tithes. 1Sam.9:5-10; 11Kings 4:7-10; Mal. 3:8-12; Lk.21:1-4, Matt.23:23; 1Cor.8:1-9; 9:1-12
In biblical principle of marriage. Matt.5:31-32, 19:9; Mark 10:1-12; Lk.16:18; Rom.7:2-3; Mal.2:13-16; Gen.2:18; Matt.19:4-6; 1:18-20; 1Cor.7:10-11
In divine healing and present day miracles. James 5:14-16; Is.53:4; Matt.8:8
In the civil government. Rom.13:1-5; Ex.22:28; 1Pet.2:17; Acts 5:29
In the resurrection of the body. Rev.20:5; John 11:25-27; Deut.12; 1Cor.15
In the second coming of Christ. 1Thess.4:16-17; 1Jon 2:28 (NLT)
In the tribulation. Matt.24:21-28; Rev.6:7
In eternal heaven and hell. Matt.22:31-46
In the judgement seat of Christ for saint’s rewards. Matt.16:27; 25:31-46; 1Cor.3:10-15; 11Cor.5:10; Rev.22:12
In the millennial reign of Christ. Dan.7:13-14,18; Rev.20:1-5; Rev.19:11-21
In the final judgement and in the endless punishment of unbelievers. Rev.20:10-15
In the new heaven and the new earth. Is.65:17-18; Rev.21:1-3Rev.21:1-3
In the endless ages when God the Father of all shall be all in all. 1Cor.15:24-28

Financial Hardship

2 King. 4:1-6    The wife of the dead prophet faced two major challenges that could befall a family. One, the husband died prematurely, leaving her and her two young sons. She had to cope with the problem of loneliness due to her husband’s demise. Second, even before the husband’s...

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Health Problems

Jn. 5:1-9 The man at the pool had his infirmity for thirty-eight years. His family had deposited him at the side of the pool and left him there. It is likely that when the problem first started they put a lot of energy and resources to get him help. As...

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Children To Take Care Of Their Old Parents

Gen. 45:7-11    When Joseph was young, the father took care of him. There came a time when the father would have suffered, but for Joseph whom God had raised to a high place. Most parents sacrificed a lot to train their children – time, energy, money, love, prayers, advice,...

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7 Mountains of Culture

Make disciples of all the Nations and not making disciples in a Nation. And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father...

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