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Health Problems

Jn. 5:1-9

The man at the pool had his infirmity for thirty-eight years. His family had deposited him at the side of the pool and left him there. It is likely that when the problem first started they put a lot of energy and resources to get him help. As the days ran into weeks, the weeks into months and the months into years, the patience grew thin, the funds ran dry and the care-givers grew weary. They left him to pursue other things. When health problem strikes a family, it puts a lot of stress on both the sick person and on those taking care of him or her. The sick person needs care, prayers and encouragement. Difficult as long-time care may be, the family should ask for the grace not to get fed up or become discouraged. Both the sick person and the care-givers need help and encouragement from the brethren. The greatest support however is prayers for the healing of the sick.

Point of Emphasis: Health problem is a drain on the family resources.

Prayer Point: Father, send divine healing to all of your children that are suffering from ill-health.


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